Black In Black

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Black In Fletch
2015 AQHA black mare 
Stands 14.2h

Fletch That Cat (NCHA LTE $16k) x Chicky Schmidt x Zach Schmidt 

“Black Betty” is a gorgeous black  mare. She came out of a great cutting program and has been used outside a ton. She knows what a long day of work entails, dragging calves, doctoring, and being use outside for various uses of work life. She has been going on the heel side and isn’t far from taking to jackpot heeling. She find the corner, and won’t run past a steer, she is really cowy, and wants to work! She has also been started lightly on the pattern. Black Betty will catch her leads, breaks at the pole, and soft in the face. This mare has turned into one fo our #1 heel horses now! She is super wicked, she is getting ready to enter on the pattern, as she is now eligible for Royal Crown, in barrels and the robing end of it!!! 

$35,000 (NEW videos are posted on Facebook first, so be sure to check our page out)!