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CD Performance Horses is owned and operated by Codi Smiley and Coleton Valentine. 

From a young age, both Codi and Coleton were avid horse lovers. They could often each be found spending more time with their horses and projects than with typical adolescent activities. As a team, Codi and Coleton buy, sell, and train their own horses to buyers across the globe. Using their combined knowledge, they are able to match buyers with horses that fit their exact need. The collective dream of the pair is to train, breed, and compete on the very best horses and making the horse industry a better and more transparent place. 

Coleton and Codi share the load of the business by separating labor in order to be more efficient. While both ride and train all of the horses that they have, Coleton specializes in roping while Codi handles the barrel horse side of the business. Coleton has a long history of competing and winning in both local and professional level ropings. He has a special touch with horses and is continually evolving as a horse trainer. Codi’s history includes an impressive track record of winning rodeos from the youth division in MRCA on to professional rodeos. She has had great instructors along the way who have helped shape the horsewoman that she is. She worked for both Russell Harrison and Johnathon Roger riding and seasoning horses where she learned a tremendous amount about the type of trainer she wanted to be. She has made a rise from the very bottom to a successful career in buying, training and selling top of the line horses. After the tragic death of her 7 year old son Kannon in 2019, Codi had a renewed strength and drive. Her driving passion is to make the world a better place for her daughter, Teagan, and to make both of them proud of the legacy that she will lead. 2019 was a tumultuous year for Codi and Coleton as they grieved the loss of her son but the pair remained resilient for their daughter Teagan. While much of the year was shadowed, the pair also purchased their first stallion, NZ Scotch Time, a 2016 AQHA Red Roan Stallion. NZ Scotch Time will stand as a stud in 2020. He will be entered in all eligible incentive and futurity opportunities. 

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